Water loop will help flow on north side

A plan to improve water pressure on the north side of the city of Medford got a boost Tuesday night with council approval to install a 1,400 foot water main loop connecting mains on Hwy 13 to Musky Court.
The project is expected to cost about $125,000 with money to come out of the tax incremental district (TID) No. 13. According to city coordinator John Fales, the loop is part of the master water study which developed a long-term plan to improve water pressure for the area and provide a secondary service to Shattuck Street. Currently Shattuck Street to the north of Allman St. dead-ends and if the line breaks or needs to be shut down for repairs a city well in the area is taken out of service. The looped main will provide back-up to prevent that from happening.
The new water main loop will be done in conjunction with the planned development of the area west of the Ann’s Way roundabout for the location of the new First Baptist Church complex.
The city’s community development authority (CDA) board approved doing the project at a meeting last Thursday morning. The CDA has control of any infrastructure projects in TID 13.

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