Warden seeks help in locating ice shack owner

Conservation warden Kurt Haas is seeking the community’s help in identifying the owner of an ice fishing shack that was left demolished on Wood Lake. The warden received an anonymous complaint about the shack on April 1. State rules required all shacks to be off area lakes by March 17.

DNR conservation wardens are seeking help in finding information in connection with a dismantled ice shack left on Wood Lake.
According to warden Kurt Haas, he received an anonymous complaint on April 1, regarding a dismantled ice shack left out on Wood Lake in the town of Rib Lake. 
“Taylor County forester Jordan Lutz and I investigated the scene and it appeared that someone had smashed the shack and was going to let it sink to the bottom of the lake,” Haas said.
“All the walls are broken and windows smashed with glass lying on the ice.  I took some pictures of a possible name on the shack but it was so smashed it was tough to read,” Haas said.  
Rib Lake Fish and Game will donate a reward for information leading to the conviction of whoever left the shack on the ice.  \

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