Walker touts school aid at visit

Gov. Scott Walker spent a few minutes shaking hands and giving high-fives to elementary students and staff who lined the halls during a visit to the Gilman School District on March 9. Gilman School District administrator Georgia Kraus says members of Walker’s staff commented on how nice everyone was at the school, and says she is glad the elementary kids got to be involved in the visit.

Students and staff at Gilman High School now have a big event to add to their 2016-17 yearbooks, after Gov. Scott Walker dropped by the school March 9. With his newly released budget proposal, Walker visited the school to talk about how education will be affected.
“Part of my being here today, is hoping to inspire – not just for high school students – but for all students to know,” said Walker, “that if you’ve got a dream of a career…now is a great time to be thinking about it.”
While unemployment is down to 3.9 percent, half of what it was six years ago, Walker says the No. 1 issue in Wisconsin is the need for skilled employees.
“For any of you who are seniors, that’s really good news,” said Walker.
With the new budget proposal, Walker is traveling the state, visiting four-five schools each week to get a feel for what is needed in each district.
“Having people in the building who are not usually in our school, is a great opportunity for them to see what a gem we have here in Gilman,” said district administrator Georgia Kraus. “We have an incredible facility that has been well cared for. We have a warm and caring culture in our building.”

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