Taylor County has first confirmed case of COVID-19

May 20, 2020 - by Brian Wilson
Taylor County has recorded its first confirmed case of COVID-19.
Public health director Patty Krug announced Wednesday morning that a Taylor County resident has tested positive for the virus. Taylor County had been one of only two counties in the state to not have a confirmed case of the pandemic.
Krug urges people to follow social distancing guidelines and said people must exercises social responsibility as to maintaining a six foot space between themselves and others and encourages people who are unable to maintain the social distancing to wear masks. She said this is especially important in the coming holiday weekend when people are planning to gather and hold events.
According to Krug, the individual who tested positive in the county had been in quarantine prior to testing positive because they had been identified as being exposed to an identified case elsewhere in Northern Wisconsin. Under CDC guidelines for communicable diseases, people who are identified as being exposed to the virus are placed in self-quarantine for 14 days and are tested if they begin to show symptoms of the illness.
Krug said there are a number of people in Taylor County who have been and continue to be monitored.

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