Taylor County board declares emergency

Emergency committee formed, but board still retains oversight

Taylor County may be in a state of emergency, but elected leaders are still answerable to voters.
On March 19, the Taylor County Board called a special session with the only agenda item to approve declaring a state of emergency. The resolution streamlines and consolidates government functions putting most routine authority into the hands of an emergency executive committee that is be made up of of the following: County Board Chair or designee, emergency management director, human resource manager/administrative coordinator, a health department representative, a human services department representative and a sheriff’s department representative. The committee will be charged with carrying out the county’s emergency plans.
Supervisor Mike Bub said he understood the reason for the declaration of a state of emergency, but questioned who would actually be serving on the emergency committee and what power it would have in relation to the county board.
According to corporation counsel Courtney Graff, the assumption is that the department heads of those county agencies would serve on the committee with the option of having alternative representatives if their directors are sick or quarantined.
“If the county board is uncomfortable with a decision they make, can a county board meeting be called? Is the county board still in power?” Bub asked.

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