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Gov. Tony Evers was at Medford Cafe on December 23 to talk about his first year in office.
Gov. Evers looks back on tumultuous first year, looks ahead to 2020

Education, roads and healthcare — those three items were on Gov. Tony Evers to-do list when he took office last January.
During a stop at the Medford Cafe on Monday afternoon, Evers said he was proud of the work done to advance those goals through the state’s budget process in his first year of office. He noted that while he was not able to get everything he asked for in the budget, that securing an additional half-billion dollars of resources for Wisconsin schools in the budget was a major achievement.
He said the state also made strides on transportation and healthcare fronts which he said he hopes will lay the groundwork for the future. He explained that before preparing his budget last year he listened to groups of residents to find out what was important to them.
At the same time the budget tops his list for achievements in his first year in office, it was also the place that he said he wished more could be done particularly when it came to healthcare.

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