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Smile you’re on Gilman school camera

District says installation of cameras has improved behavior in hallways

“Big brother is watching” said school board president Jerry Sromek. Well perhaps not the government, but district administration certainly is. Superintendent Wally Leipart demonstrated the capabilities of the newly installed cameras that are around the Gilman school. A total of 39 cameras have been placed in strategic locations with the possibility of having one more additional camera. The devices provide video surveillance without audio, but have a whole array of potential security and monitoring features.
Leipart said this has become a great resource and has produced a noticeable change in students behavior in the hallways almost immediately since the cameras were installed. Students who have been anonymously creating issues for the school, particularly for the custodial staff have ceased in the foul behaviors all because of the cameras. Cameras inside and outside of the school provide security and deterrents for those who may consider taking advantage of school property-for example the disposal of goose carcasses in the trash dumpsters.

See this week's issue of The Star News for the full story.

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