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City wants riders to pick up $200 cost for city ATV/UTV route changes

The city of Medford will seek private donations to cover about $200 in expected costs for additional ATV/UTV signs from the changes the city made to the route ordinance.
The signs will be posted at the entrance points to the city detailing the rules for ATV and UTV use in the community. In addition, there will be additional route signs on Allman St. directing traffic through the Allman St. roundabout.
Streets and water superintendent Joe Harris met with police chief Bryan Carey to finalize the sign wording and see what is required on them. The signs will cost about $20 each and are being ordered through Rent-a-Flash. Harris said he has not ordered the signs yet because he had not been authorized to do so. The city cited an earlier proposal from a group of ATV riders to pay for the additional signs and are holding to that offer.
“It was our assumption that the ATV people would pay for the signs and we would put them up at our cost,” said mayor Mike Wellner.

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