Rib Lake seeks balance in the scores

Focus on mathematics has created a skill gap with English language arts

Rib Lake is looking to bring balance to their scores.
According to district administrator Lori Manion, Rib Lake teachers have made a major emphasis in mathematics for the past three years. “We are completing a three-year professional development focus on math and the results of that are showing up,” Manion said.
Manion’s comments were directed at the recently released state testing scores from testing that was conducted last school year. The state-mandated assessments compare school districts along a range of areas including student achievement, improvement on prior years and efforts to close educational gaps between underprivileged or academically challenged students and their peers.
Rib Lake school district as a whole met the state expectations with each of the district’s three schools also meeting the expectations and the high school exceeding state standards.
In the student achievement section, the district as a whole scored above the state averages for mathematics and English language arts (ELA) with scores of 36 out of 50 points for ELA compared to a state average of 34.3 out of 50 points and 37.3 out of 50 for mathematics compared to a state average of 33 out of 50 points.
Manion, as a former mathematics teacher herself, was proud of the work done to improve mathematic proficiencies in the district, noting these skills are necessary for high tech jobs in modern workplaces.

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