Rib Lake board OKs hockey cooperative

School board, family to split difference on cost to play

Rib Lake will have at least one freshman on the Medford’s Girls Hockey team next season. Last month the board agreed that paying $1,600 for Rib Lake to enter into a co-op partnership with the Medford team was too high. The board’s consensus was that a majority of the cost is ice rental and would have to be paid regardless of Rib Lake’s participation. The board arrived at a figure of $777 that they would be willing to pay for this co-op to take place. The WIAA approved the co-op last month, however, Medford, having their monthly board meeting after Rib Lake, held firm and has not agreed. Therefore, the co-op’s future was resting on approximately $800 difference.
“It is never easy,” president Jerry Blomberg said. The cost for hockey is significantly higher than that of other co-op sports.

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