Residents see red over water rate hike

Village residents voice concerns over proposed 56 percent water rate increase

Village of Stetsonville residents are facing a proposed 56.25 percent water rate increase and are not happy about it.
“This is a huge hike,” said Trina Duellman. She said people are not going to want to live in the village and pay these expenses. “This is crazy,” she said, questioning the ability of village residents to pay that increase. “Are people going to say, will I pay my water bill or will I eat?” she said.
Joshua Brandner said he works full-time and would make the increase work in their household budget by reducing spending in other areas. However, he questioned the impact it would have on senior citizens and those on fixed incomes.
“People don’t have that kind of money,” said Larry Kloth of the increase. He noted that prior to retiring and moving back to Stetsonville he had worked as a public works director in Ohio and said if someone had proposed a 50 percent increase there everyone in the city would be out of a job.
“I think you have to reevaluate your formulas, or however you are putting this together, it seems wrong,” Kloth said.

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