North Breeze back in Little Black

Breeze Dairies wants 4,000-cow facility in area, town officials say no

The Town of Little Black is gearing up for a fight over a proposed 4,000 cow dairy farm.
Last week, members of the town’s planning commission and board voted to approve comprehensive zoning.
This week, the owners of the proposed dairy announced plans to build their facility this year.
“We are excited to reintroduce to and continue our project in Taylor County. Farmers have been stewards of this county’s land for generations, and just like them, our families are dedicated to protecting the land here, just as we are in all the townships where we farm,” said Brian Gerrits, partner and one of the five farm families who comprise Breeze Dairy Group.
In a release, he stated that plans for North Breeze dairy – under development since 2009 — were recently filed and construction is planned for this year. “The Breeze Dairy families are passionate about preserving the rural character of the town of Little Black, and the surface and groundwater resources in Taylor County,” the release stated.

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