Medford schools celebrate excellence

Both district elementary schools greatly exceed expectations in state scores

Medford school district curriculum director Laura Lundy compares working to improve district testing scores with learning how to golf.
When you first learn to golf, she said, your skill level increases quickly and this huge growth is shown in your score card. When you have been playing for a while and have mastered the sport, it takes a lot more work to make even marginal increases to your score.
The Medford school district had an overall score of 71.4 out of 100. This puts the district at the upper end of the “meets expectations” range for the state. The district score is based on the scores from each of the individual schools in the district. Medford school district has two elementary schools, a middle school and high school. Because the Rural Virtual Academy, a virtual charter school run by the district, has more than 50 percent open enrollment students, it is not counted toward the district’s overall testing score.
As with any testing results, the score represents a snapshot of the district at the time the test was taken. The scores which were released to the public at the end of November were from testing done last school year. Lundy noted that the state testing scores are just one of the measures the district uses to track progress.
Many other assessment tools are used throughout the year to help teachers track student achievement and ensure students are on-track for learning.
“We want to be great in our schools,” Lundy said. “Our scores are for the most part good and some are great.”

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