Medford lowers Millpond level for road project

Water normally cascades over the Medford Mllpond Dam. The dam gates were opened late last week to lower the water level in the pond to prevent flooding in a nearby road project. Water levels are expected to return to normal within a few weeks.
Water levels expected to be back to normal within a few weeks

Water levels on the Medford Millpond have been drawn down temporarily as part of the second phase of the Luepke Way reconstruction project.
The project to rebuild the road and utilities between the intersection with Maple St. to the three-way intersection with Wheelock Ave. and Centennial Parkway began this week.
According to city coordinator John Fales, as with the south end of the street, the water level was drawn down to allow the excavation of the underground utilities without the holes flooding with water. Crews from Melvin Construction are doing the work and as soon as the underground mains are in place the water level on the pond will be allowed to increase. Fales estimated that the underground construction should be finished within a week and half depending on weather.
The project has an expedited schedule with substantial completion including the installation of the first layer of blacktop by June 20. Fales said the goal is to have the landscaping done and everything looking nice by the annual Fourth of July celebration which is held in the park.

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