Looking ahead

Medford School Board to get help in exploring options for high school

As the saying goes, any journey begins with a single step.
On Monday night, members of the Medford School Board took those first faltering steps along a journey that could have far-reaching implications for the district, its students and area taxpayers.
Medford Area Senior High School is 50 years old. While the building is well-maintained, district administrator Pat Sullivan said it is time to talk about what needs to happen to it in the future in order to continue to be viable and meet the area’s changing educational needs.
Sullivan noted that at last month’s meeting, the board was in favor of hiring a firm to assess the district’s needs and work with them through the process, a process that Sullivan noted could take five years or more. Sullivan was back this month asking for clarification about how the district wants to start the process.
“We are starting to talk about what to do in the future,” Sullivan said. He suggested the board invite architectural and design firms to present at special meetings in January about what they can do for the district.

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