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Rib Lake switches from Northwest Regional Planning for housing program

The Rib Lake Village Board at its October 10 meeting approved changing to the Taylor County Housing Authority to administer the village’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) housing rehabilitation program. The program is currently administered by the Northwest Regional Planning Commission in Spooner.
Village president Bill Schreiner said people had concerns about switching because of a rumor that Taylor County was planning to switch to Northwest Regional Planning to administrator its housing program.
Jessica Mudgett, executive director of the Taylor County Housing Authority, told the board when her predecessor left, there was some discussion by the county to change to Northwest Regional Planning to administer the program. Mudgett said after she was hired, there was no more discussion about changing and that the county made the decision to keep the housing authority office open. Mudgett said she feels very secure in the office with what projects it has taken on since she was hired, noting the office has taken on more projects so far this year than it did last year.
She also assured the board that if the village did make the switch to the Taylor County Housing Authority, Rib Lake’s money would remain in Rib Lake managed by the village clerk and would not be taken over by the county.
Schreiner said the village had been in contact with the person in Spooner who was administering Rib Lake’s program and was told he would like the village to stay with Spooner until several current projects were completed, which would be sometime in 2019. Schreiner said Rib Lake’s contract with Northwest Regional Planning expires at the end of 2020.
Mudgett added she had spoken with the Spooner office and was told there would be no expense or penalty to Rib Lake if it decided to cancel its contract with Northwest Regional.

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