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Medford School Board OKs paying support staff through shutdown

The Medford School District will continue to pay support staff through the scheduled end of the school year.
“These people need to be paid and need to maintain their benefits,” said board member Brian Hallgren making the motion to continue paying teachers aides and other support staff affected by the school being shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Schools across the state have been shut down for weeks following an executive order from Gov. Tony Evers. Initially the hope was to return to classes in early April, but that has since been extended through the end of the school year.
Historically, the nine-month support staff positions only are paid for days worked when school is in session and are not paid for days when school is closed such as during breaks or at snow days. District administrator Pat Sullivan came to the board asking for the employees to continue to be paid through the end of the year.

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