Insurance stays flat for county

Employees may still pay more despite no premium increase to county for 2018

Taylor County got some good budget news last week.
The county’s insurance broker informed county officials that there would be no increase in health insurance premiums in either the limited or the broad pools in 2018.
Coming into the annual departmental budget process, the county was projecting a 5 percent premium increase. With the county under a state-imposed levy freeze it is limited in how much additional tax revenue it can collect each year. Not having to spend the money on higher health insurance premiums allows county leaders to play catch-up in other areas of the budget.
It remains to be seen what impact, if any, this will have on county employees’ paychecks. The county is under terms of an existing resolution to shift more of the health insurance premium costs to county employees with the goal of having employees paying about 20 percent of the total premium. At the time the resolution was passed, the plan was to hold the county’s contribution steady and pass along all or part of increases as they occurred. However, with the county having no increase this year, members of the personnel committee questioned if they should still proceed with the cost shift.

See this week's issue of The Star News for more of the story.

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