Hunting for fun

Avery Stark (left) and Annalee Bull place a penguin rock in the Medford city park. They are taking part in a national trend of people decorating rocks and leaving them in public places for others to find. Those finding the rocks are asked to post  pictures of the rocks to social media and place them in other public places.A rock group.
Area family brings Taylor County into national rock painting, hunting trend

Fun is where you find it.
Roxanne Bull and her family are helping make the Medford area a lot more fun and proving that even little things are important.
With this summer’s unpredictable weather, one morning Bull and her children were faced with needing something to do. She sought ideas from a friend who lives in Wisconsin Rapids who suggested they go on a rock hunt.
As anyone who has spent a summer day picking rocks off a lawn or field knows, there is no shortage of them in Taylor County. This is one of the benefits of the area’s glacial geography.
In this case, Bull’s friend wasn’t talking about the kind of rock hunting where you find agates on a beach, but one where you hunt down brightly painted rocks and hide them again.
Bull had seen painted rocks on a recent trip to Ohio and on the social media posts of her friends talking about the trend. Not having anything else planned, and having an abundance of rounded river rocks handy, Bull and her crew got to work.

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