Hoping for the best, training for the worst

Area EMTs and firefighters took part in a training exercise held at Rainbow Gymnastics in Medford on February 19. Here responders drill on removing a patient from the foam practice pits.

“OK now give yourself a big hug . . . And on your count . . . one, two, three, roll...”
Those were the words of Medford EMT Ben Breeze working with two others on Tuesday night to slide young gymnast Shayla Radlinger onto a long-board while keeping her head immobilized. Adding to what is already a challenging task, all those involved were deep in the foam pits at Rainbow Gymnastics’ training facilities in Medford.
Fortunately, the event was just a drill. Emergency personnel with the Taylor County Ambulance Service and Medford Area Fire Department attended the training along with coaches and students to practice the life-saving skills needed in an actual emergency.
“Rainbow gym is all about fun. With that comes planning for safety,” said Karen Wegerer of Rainbow Gymnastics.

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