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School seeks holding tanks for team building, city wants other options

by Brian Wilson
News Editor

After getting a frosty reception at Monday’s city council committee of the whole meeting, it is back to the drawing board for school district officials seeking permission to install a holding tank for bathrooms in the team building constructed as part of the high school field project last summer.
According to school administrator Pat Sullivan, the building is primarily used at halftime of football and soccer games with team rooms and a place for officials to be. During the rest of the year, the building is used for storage for track equipment. When the building was built it included three bathroom areas roughed in but the sewer lateral had not been run to connect it to services.
The district was hoping to come back this summer to finish the bathrooms. The challenge, according to Sullivan is the price estimate. The district received price quotes for two options, the first is a 495-foot trenched-in lateral which would extend out to the Brucker Street. With material, excavation and restoration costs, this was estimated at $28,468.75 based on priced received from Olynick’s and Melvin Companies.
The second option was to trench in a 420 foot lateral directly to the manhole on Brucker Street on a diagonal “as the crow flies” approach. This had an estimate for the excavation, restoration and material cost of $24,625. School maintenance director Dave Makovsky said this did not include the cost to remove 20 to 25 trees and the impact it would have on an existing trail and disk golf area at the high school.

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