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Election challenge

Knight faces challenger in city’s second district

A Medford alderman will face a challenger at the April 2, 2019 spring election.
Lynn Butkus has filed nomination papers to challenge incumbent Greg Knight. According to city clerk Virginia Brost, Knight has also filed his candidacy papers.
City aldermen are elected to two year terms with four of the eight seats up for election every year. Knight has been on the city council since 2005.
Knight currently represents District No. 2 which includes portions of the city roughly south of Broadway Ave. and east of Wisconsin Ave.
Knight is the only city aldermen facing a challenger this spring. Aldermen Mike Bub (fourth district), Laura Holmes (first district) and Dave Roiger (third district) are all running unopposed.
In other area elections, members of the Rib Lake Village Board are running unopposed for reelection. They include Bill Schreiner, Corky Tesch, Russ Bullis and Keith Hanke.

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