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Dassow gets nod

Corey Dassow named new county chief deputy

Corey Dassow, 35, will be Taylor County’s next chief deputy.
Dassow, a 12-year veteran of the Taylor County Sheriff’s department was selected through an interview process by the county’s law enforcement committee. He will replace current chief deputy Larry Woebbeking who was elected sheriff and will take office on January 7.
The chief deputy has traditionally handled much of the day-to-day supervision in the department for both the sworn officers and the jail staff. According to Woebbeking, Dassow was selected out of a very competitive pool of candidates. Each of the four applicants were asked to prepare a presentation for the law enforcement committee on ideas to improve the department and law enforcement in the community.
Dassow’s presentation was on ways law enforcement can work more closely with the schools and community to emphasize positive interactions such as having officers volunteer to be Junior Acheivement instructors or even just being around the schools in the morning to greet students and parents and form positive relationships with them.
“I think we have a good community,” Dassow said. He said he thinks it is important for people to realize that behind the uniform and badge, law enforcement officers are just like anyone else with families and kids.

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