Culver’s coming

Steve and Rachel Lawrence will be the owner/operators of a new Culver’s in Medford
Set to open in February 2020 in former Happy Joe’s Pizza building

Steve and Rachel Lawrence will be the owner/managers of a new Culver’s restaurant in Medford. The couple have a two year old son and are expecting an another child. They currently live in the Withee area.
According to Steve Lawrence, the new restaurant is expected to open in February 2020 in the location of the former Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor on Casement Court in the city of Medford.
According to Steve Lawrence, the building will be stripped down to its bare bones before being completely renovated to match the Culver’s’ required design and layout. As part of the project, the former play area in the front of the building will be converted into a patio area for outdoor seating. The kitchen will also be overhauled to the more open concept favored by the Culver’s franchise.
There will also be the addition of a drive-through lane adjacent to the building and the construction of additional cooler spaces.

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