Crunch time

County board to decide Feb. 24 if county should proceed with dam projects

A trio of dam projects had members of the county’s forestry and recreation committee looking at timelines and finances during a meeting on February 7.
In addition to planning for the ongoing dam replacement projects at Chelsea Lake Dam and Camp 8 Dam, forest administrator Jake Walcisak also brought forward the need to replace the sluice gate at Miller Dam (Chequamegon Waters Flowage).
Last month, committee members approved hiring a diver to come and inspect and attempt to repair the dam. Walcisak contacted the specialized diving operation and received an estimate of it costing just under $18,000 for the diver to come up with no guarantee they could fix what was broken.
Walcisak consulted with engineers from Ayres Associates who are working with the county on other dam projects, and they recommended replacing the current 50-year-old cast iron sluice gate with a new stainless steel sluice gate and in the meantime keep the gate closed.

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