Crime takes a bite out of cop

Officer Chad Liske bitten by Great Dane during meth raid, animal killed

Medford police chief Bryan Carey commends his officers for their actions related to a drug bust on Feb. 1 in the city.
“The men and women of law enforcement in this county are doing a dang good job,” Carey said. “It is not easy out there for them.”
Within a 24-hour period on Feb. 1, Medford police and Taylor County Sheriff’s deputies conducted five separate investigations which ultimately led to the arrests of six area individuals on drug charges. The individuals appeared in court with cash bonds set totaling $27,000 and individual bonds ranging from $10,000 to $1,000.
“The officers did a great job and I commend them,” Carey said. He described the investigations as being multi-departmental and anticipated there would be more charges to come as officers follow up on leads.
Most importantly for Carey is being able to take drugs off the street. He said a quantity of drugs were seized in the arrests including methamphetamine. So far, Taylor County District Attorney Kristi Tlusty has filed two criminal complaints related to the arrests with more pending.
In the course of the drug arrests, Medford police officer Chad Liske (a former K9 officer) received dog bites to his face from a Great Dane which was at the residence. Liske was taken by ambulance from the scene and was out of work recovering from his injuries until Feb. 9.
After attempts to subdue the dog with pepper spray and attempting to get it in a kennel failed, officers shot the animal. Carey said, as with every incident involving a dog bite, there is an investigation taking place regarding the bites received by officer Liske and the actions resulting in the dog being put down.
“The big story for some people is the dog,” Carey said.
“There is no conspiracy, there is no cover-up,” Carey said, noting that until the district attorney filed her criminal complaints law enforcement was limited in what they could discuss in the case. He said when talking to the dog’s owner, he expressed condolences on behalf of the department that the dog was killed, noting it was an outcome no one wanted to happen.

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