County will take over Chelsea dam

Supervisor Sue Breneman makes a point during a conversation with fellow supervisor Ray Soper prior to the start of Tuesday’s county board session. The county had a lengthy agenda taking up several ordinances, a proposed increase in supervisor pay as well as discussing the ownership and future maintenance of the Chelsea Lake Dam. After county clerk Bruce Strama argued in favor of the dam action being in the form of a resolution to be presented at the next meeting, Breneman replied that they had better meet s

Taylor County will take responsibility and ownership of the Chelsea Lake Dam.
At least it will if county board members approve a formal resolution stating that at their next meeting.
During a discussion that lasted well over an hour at Tuesday’s county board session, board members voted in favor of a proposal by supervisor Scott Mildbrand to have the county clerk prepare a formal resolution stating the county will work with the Chelsea Conservation Club and private donors to do work on the dam and the county assume ownership of the dam provided the club contributes a pledge of $12,000.
Midlbrand’s motion was to follow what he said was the intent of a resolution passed at the February 1993 county board session. He opposed a plan that came out of the county’s forestry and recreation committee to make county participation in dam repairs and study contingent on the creation of a lake district, which the county would also pay to be set up.
“I believe that paying for legal services for establishing a lake district would establish a precedent.” Mildbrand said, predicting that there would be other lake owners in the county asking for county funds. “The precedent was set in February 3, 1993,” he said, as far as ownership of the Chelsea Dam. “How can we be setting precedent if simply following a resolution set in 1993. If that is setting precedent then it is a precedent we should always follow.”

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