County to crack down on devices

IT committee to look at rules for departments to buy extra equipment

Where does the county draw the line on departmental computer equipment purchases?
That was the question for members of the Taylor County information technology (IT) committee at the April 25 meeting.
Several years ago, the county set up a computer replacement schedule. A set amount was budgeted to the IT department to keep all the county computers up to date and to replace a set amount each year. Prior to adopting this plan, computer replacement was haphazard with it being up to each department to decide if their equipment needed to be replaced. As a result some departments replaced their equipment more frequently than necessary while others waited until a machine failed to replace it. Under the current plan, computers and software are purchased, maintained and ultimately replaced through the IT department. At least they are supposed to be.
What the county is finding is that departments are using funds left in their budgets at the end of the year to make computer or devices purchases. The expectation of these other departments is that the IT department will then cover the additional maintenance, licenses and replacement of the machines. However, the IT department has begun to balk at this noting it doesn’t have the budget to cover these additional devices which were never purchased through the proper channels.
“Where is the accountability?” asked IT committee member Carmen Thiede.

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