City to seek grants for sewer work

City hopes to get up to $1 million for upgrades to solid handling

Following a public hearing on Monday night, the Medford Common Council approved applying for Community Development Block Grant-Public Facilities (CDBG-PF) funds to help cover the cost of making improvements to the wastewater treatment plant’s solids handling facilities.
The estimated cost of the project is $1.85 million. The grant application would be for $1 million, with the city paying the rest of the cost. The grant application deadline is May 17 with the award notification being made in mid-July.
Susan Wojtkiewicz from the city’s engineering firm for the project, told the council recent census data shows the number of low and moderate income residents in the city has increased by 51 percent, which is one of the criteria for qualifying for the block grant program and helps with the application scoring process. She said other important requirements of the block grant program include establishing a plan for citizen participation, appointing a citizen participation committee, and providing residents with the opportunity to make comments and give input on the grant application and proposed project.
Mayor Mike Wellner said with the new census data, this is the first time Medford has been eligible to apply for the grant and gives the city the opportunity to “capture some of those dollars” for the project.

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