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City opens door to home access

Eases some restrictions on homeowners building temporary ramps

The city of Medford is making it easier for residents facing mobility issues to gain access to their homes.
On Monday, members of the planning commission gave their approval to a new ordinance that would allow temporary ramps to be built in residential areas regardless of the setback requirements.
In the past, in order to install any sort of ramp, city homeowners had to meet setback requirements. This presented a challenge on many of the older homes in the city which were generally built close to the street and on narrow lots. Homeowners have had to seek variances with the zoning board of review.
According to city planner Bob Christensen, the recent ramp discussion regarding Stepping Stones Shelter spurred the city to take a look at how ramps were being handled to see if there were ways they could improve the process. Stepping Stones’ renovation project was delayed as they went through the process of proving hardship in order to get a variance for a ramp to access their Hwy 64 business office.

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