City moves ahead with third water tower

The city of Medford is moving forward with a financing plan to build a third water tower and complete additional sewer projects.
At Monday’s committee of the whole meeting, members of the Medford City Council approved plans to build a 250,000 gallon water tower on city-owned land on Shattuck St. The tower ties into the creation of a water pressure zone that will run roughly from Allman St. north.
According to city coordinator John Fales, areas on the north end of the city have been dealing with pressure levels that are near the minimums required by state codes and standards. This is due primarily because of the change in elevation between the south end of the city and as people go north. The new tower will provide close to double the water pressure currently seen in that area and open the door for further expansion on the north side of the city.

See this week's issue of The Star News for the complete story.

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