City of Medford and Taylor County updated on COVID-19

Taylor County Public Health Director Patty Krug and Medford Mayor Mike Wellner gave an update on the precautions and actions being taken in the community in regard to attempts to contain COVID-19.
Krug noted that as of 12:10 p.m. today (March 19, 2020) there were NO confirmed cases in Taylor County.
She also noted the rules regarding self quarantine required from regions where community spread has occurred. She noted that individual employers may have more stringent rules about people who have traveled returning to work.
This week the city of Medford and the Taylor County Board each declared a state of emergency allowing quicker response to changing conditions. The states of emergency will exist as long as the federal and state emergency declarations are in place.
As of right now, the April 7 primary elections will still be held. Municipal officials are urging people to use in-person absentee ballot process by visiting their municipal clerk's office during regular hours. This will allow people to avoid having long lines on election day. People are reminded to bring their driver's license or other appropriate photo identification with them.

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