Board: No skimping on scuppers

School board says cost of replacing the full pool gutter worth the price

The Medford school board opted to spend a little more and give area residents a more finished job for the pool and maintenance referendum projects.
On Thursday, board members voted to add back in some of the cuts to the pool renovation project proposed by contractors during the value engineering review. The March 23 special school board meeting was to review options to bring the bids in line with what the district had expected to spend.
In April 2016, voters approved spending $4.1 million to renovate the high school pool and to do numerous maintenance projects around the district. On March 16, the bids for the three most expensive parts of the project were opened with the totals at about $373,000 over the amount the school board expected to spend.
On March 23, board members were presented with $165,181 in proposed cuts to reduce the overage amount. However, after a two hour meeting reviewing the options, board members approved adding back in some of the suggested cuts leaving the projects at $222,795 over the original estimates. It will be up to the district’s finance committee to figure out where the additional money will come from.
District finance director Jeff Albers said the options include pulling it from the district’s fund balance, doing additional borrowing, or working the additional costs into the school budget.

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