After 75 years, love still runs deep

Although they started out as friends growing up in rural Gilman, Frank and Mary (Kowalczyk) Lencz reconnected in Chicago, Ill., and have spent the last 75 years as husband and wife. The couple says they are still in love, and that they wouldn’t change their life together.

What do a Purple Heart recipient and a welder have in common? How about 75 years of marriage for starters.
After spending more than seven decades as husband and wife, Frank and Mary (Kowalczyk) Lencz, formerly of Gilman, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary with about 150 guests Nov. 27, 2016, at their home in Wissota Place, Chippewa Falls.
The couple was married Nov. 29, 1941, but knew each other well before they started dating.
“We just learned the story, not even five years ago,” said their daughter Alexis.
Although the sweethearts began their marital journey in Chicago, Ill., they first met on the back roads of Wisconsin.
“My folks had a store in Lublin, but they had too many kids, so they bought a farm (near Gilman) to put them to work,” said Frank.
Sometimes, when Mary walked to the Polly Grade School, Frank would give her a ride.
“Dad was going to high school in Gilman, and he would come with the Model T and mother would be walking,” said Alexis.

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