Nutcrackers abound at Sblendorio home

Vito and Linda Sblendorio festoon their Holcombe home with Christmas decorations each year. Included in the festive items are Linda’s collection of nutcrackers. Because friends and family know her love of the wooden soldiers, she receives unique pieces each year. A computer wiz nutcracker is one of the more unusual items, as is a shopaholic. One of the newer pieces is a small nutcracker her grandson found in a second-hand shop. While she loves each one, Linda says the glittery ones draw her eye the most.

The Holcombe home of Vito and Linda Sblendorio is always lavishly decorated for Christmas, but one area stands out from the others. Linda has 92 nutcrackers in all shapes and sizes.

Her collection began after the couple moved to the area some 34 years ago and she was gifted six nutcrackers by her mother. Her mother found the original pieces on sale at Shopko after Christmas for a couple dollars.

“I liked to decorate even then,” said Linda. “I thought, wow, I really like those. So then, that’s how I got started. You tell people you collect something, you know what happens – they give you a gift every year.”

Linda will soon hit the 100 mark, as a friend is getting rid of the eight she has. Linda also haunts stores before and after Christmas for new additions.

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