New fire engine slated to arrive for duty in 2020

Darley representative Troy Carothers (right) was on hand at a Cadott Area Fire Department Fire Board meeting Jan. 22, to answer questions about specifications of a proposed fire engine. The board voted to purchase the proposed engine for $460,000, with delivery in the first quarter of 2020. Photo by Julia Wolf
The Cadott Area Fire and Rescue is on track to have a new fire engine

By Julia Wolf

The Cadott Area Fire and Rescue is on track to have a new fire engine by the beginning of 2020. The fire board, composed of members from the Village of Cadott, and the townships of Arthur, Goetz and Sigel, voted in favor of purchasing a new engine from Darley, during a quarterly meeting Jan. 22.

Voting members approved the purchase of the $460,000 vehicle, in a 6-3 paper ballot vote.

Prior to the vote, Troy Carothers, Darley representative, was on hand to answer questions the board had about options for the engine and features of the proposed truck.

“Now, there are still things that could be cut, to get down to $450,000, if that’s the magic number,” said Carothers. “Again, if it were my vehicle, there are not too many things that I could see that I would want to be cut...this is a pretty rock solid, meat and potatoes spec.”


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