Lake Holcombe Town Board; Style and price addressed for new bridge

BRIDGE DAMAGE –– Town roadman Bruce Jones shows residents at a Lake Holcombe Town Board meeting the damage that has happened to the underside of the Pine Lake Bridge. Because of the falling apart timbers and missing horizontal beams (above), the bridge has been lowered to a 10-ton weight limit, and designated as the second most important bridge to replace in the county. The town hopes to replace the bridge in 2019, says town chairman Beau Bowlin. (Photos by Monique Westaby)

The Pine Lake Bridge has been the topic of conversation with the Lake Holcombe Town Board lately, and at the April 13 regular meeting, it was no different. This time, the damage on the bridge came into question.

“I’ll show you what the deal is,” said Beau Bowlin, town chairman, presenting a photo and inspection report to those in attendance. “He (the inspector) said he thought that the ice did damage and I said it doesn’t freeze under there.

“But if you notice, see that horizontal here (pointing to a horizontal beam that runs just about a foot above the water level, when the photo was taken), it’s gone. The only thing that’s been hitting that is boats and pontoons, and that caused the damage for having to replace the bridge.”

Bowlin said the inspector guesses the cost for replacement would be “a couple hundred thousand,” but with widening the bridge and the approaches, Bowlin would like to plan for more.

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