Lake Holcombe Town Board; How many motions does it take to accept a bid?

WHICH BID IS THIS? –– Town supervisor Brian Guthman (left), chairman Beau Bowlin (center) and supervisor David Staudacher (right) sort out gravel and asphalt bids for a segment of 273rd Street in the Town of Lake Holcombe. After some controversy over which bids went for a TRIP project or non-TRIP project, and several motions that were never seconded, the town made their selections, with a little help from the bidders, for the street project. (Photo by Monique Westaby)

Bid opening was on the agenda for the regular Lake Holcombe Town Board meeting May 11. With requests for gravel and asphalt work, the board opened the sealed bids, but not without a little controversy.

After accepting an $8.85 per yard bid for crushing gravel on 273rd Street from Olynick, and rejecting the county’s bid because of a technicality (the county bid in tons rather than yards), the board moved onto blacktop bids for a TRIP and non-TRIP project on that same street.

Senn bid in at $50.48/ton for both projects, while Monarch bid $48.62, unless the town accepted both projects, then Monarch’s bill would drop to $42.07 for the TRIP and non-TRIP portions. The county sent in a $40.81 bid for the TRIP portion; a bid for the non-TRIP segment had not been received by the town. A representative for the county said it should have been mailed, but would be the same price.

After making a motion to move forward with both bids from the county, a representative for Monarch questioned the board for accepting a contract they didn’t have in their hands.

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