If not now, when? – A gift to his grandsons

Lake Holcombe High School graduate Richard Tepler (center) gave his grandsons, Croix (left), 3, and Sawyer (right), 5, of Ladysmith, a gift that will last a lifetime with his two books – Walk With Me, Sawyer Bear and Cook With Me, Croix Holland – named and created after the boys. “I wrote the books for them,” said Tepler. “I didn’t write it to make a million dollars, I didn’t do it for that. I did it because I wanted them to remember something, or have something, that I did for them.” (Submitted Photo)

Pots and pans are everywhere.

After hearing his grandson exclaim those words, Richard Tepler, former Ladysmith teacher and local author, said he knew the line was from his book, and that the story had stuck with 3-year-old Croix.

“The first time I read it to him,” said Tepler of Cook With Me, Croix Holland, the second of his two children’s books, “I gave him his very first copy, which was the first copy that I got, and he sat there and listened to the whole thing.”

After writing Walk With Me, Sawyer Bear for his 5-year-old grandson, Sawyer, Tepler says Croix must have known a book was coming about him.

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