Great things come from Humble Beginnings

DON’T JUST DRIVE BY –– When winding along County Highway CC north of Cornell, a line of vehicles on the side of the road may catch your eye. Those cars are waiting to be sold by Humble Beginnings Auto LLC. Owners Ozzie and Anne Carothers, Cornell, started their new business this summer, and say they are eager to kick off their dream, and restore and sell the right cars to the right people. (Photo by Kayla Peche)STARTING FROM SCRATCH –– After quitting his eight-year job, Cornell native Ozzie Carothers, along with his wife, Anne, started their own auto sales business at 25132 239th Ave., in Cornell. With restoration experience, Ozzie spends his time in the shop “playing with cars” to make them fit for the road, while Anne handles the technical-side of the business. Starting out of their garage with cars filling the yard, Ozzie says their name, Humble Beginnings, couldn’t be more appropriate. (Photo by Kayla Peche)

Ever since he can remember, Ozzie Carothers says he’s had an interest in cars. After spending his youth in Cornell, Ozzie moved to Wyoming to attend school for auto body and collision refinishing, and business management.

“I just wanted to play with cars all day and get paid,” said Ozzie. “So that’s what I do now…Anyone who knew me when I was young, knew that’s the only thing I could talk about. It still is.”

After getting married and working at a car restoration shop in Virginia, Ozzie and his family moved back to Cornell. His car obsession led to a vehicle collection at their home, and once purchasing land and a house from his grandfather six years ago, Ozzie thought he could sell and work on cars there.

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