Future of Nabor Days in jeopardy

Sixty-three years ago, the Cadott Chamber of Commerce started a celebration to honor their community and local businesses with “Meet Your Neighbors” day. Since then, the weekend event shortened its name to just Nabor Days, but expanded activities with a parade, carnival rides and queen coronation.

But this village tradition could be a thing of the past, after the Cadott Chamber of Commerce dissolved their group at an annual meeting Feb. 22.

For some time, the Chamber of Commerce has been working with only a few active members to conduct business…, read Cadott Chamber’s statement on their web page. In the face of the current resignations and lack of active members, the consensus with the board of directors was to dissolve the Chamber of Commerce.

See Thursday, March 16, 2017, issue of the Courier Sentinel for more on this story. Newspapers can be purchased at our Cadott office or Cornell office.

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