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Cornell School Board; District calendar has to be tweaked for snow days

Sophomore student council representative Alyssa Helland (standing) informed the Cornell School Board March 25, about what the council’s plans are for the rest of the school year. Helland said the council is looking at holding a fundraiser for a local charity, such as a food pantry or animal shelter, and will also organize a dodgeball event. “We are also trying to find different ways to get more involvement in the student council,” said Helland.  Photo by Ginna Young
This year’s blizzard-laden weather

By Ginna Young

This year’s blizzard-laden weather, has caused the Cornell School District to look at different options for the 2019-20 calendar. Although it had previously been approved, the Cornell School Board revisited the calendar, at a regular meeting March 25.

“The reason for bringing it up and changing, was this year, and the number of days we had to cancel,” said superintendent Paul Schley.

For the new calendar, there are three free weather days built in as automatic snow days, meaning the district won’t make those days up at a later time.


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