Cadott Village Board; Recycling contract sent to committee for discussion

Mark Vinell, Advanced Disposal, returned to the Cadott Village Board to discuss a $3 per household, per month, increase to recycling costs and the possibility of extending the contract with the village. The issue was sent to committee for further discussion. Photo by Julia Wolf
Recycling was once again on the agenda for the Cadott Village Board

By Julia Wolf

Recycling was once again on the agenda for the Cadott Village Board, during a regular meeting May 6.

Mark Vinell, Advanced Disposal representative, returned to ask the board to approve an additional $3 per household, per month, since the recycling market has undergone major changes in the past few months.

Board president Anson Albarado asked if information he saw about Advanced Disposal being bought out by Waste Management, was true. 

“Waste Management has made an announcement, they have offered to purchase the company,” confirmed Vinell, though he noted that the deal was not finalized yet, and the deal will have to be approved by the Department of Justice, because of the size of the companies.


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