Cadott School Board; Support requested in response to suicides

After two, student-aged youth within the Cadott School District took their own lives in the last year, students and staff are still feeling the effects of suicide, as well as dealing with everyday struggles in life, says Tiffany Michaud, Cadott Jr./Sr. high school guidance counselor.

“This year, we’ve had 11 percent of our high school population either have moderate to immediate suicide ideation, and/or attempts,” Michaud said at an April 10 regular school board meeting, mentioning that “guidance counselor” doesn’t have the same meaning it once did.

“The school counselor actually serves the entire school,” she said. “There’s nothing clean or clear cut about what we do as school counselors. There’s a lot of overlap for the different areas.”

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction recommends all school staff members be trained in trauma-sensitive practices, mental health education and relationship building, as Wisconsin has one of the highest rates for suicide in the nation. Chippewa and Eau Claire counties are ranked as the highest in the state.

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