Broken water line causes flooding at school

Carpets were dried, and chairs and furniture stacked in the library at the Cadott Elementary School Jan 8, after a water line broke and caused flooding in the school. There was water damage to the bottoms of the bookshelves in the library, but damage was expected to be minimal throughout the school. (Photo by Heather Dekan)

Just as students were headed to school Jan. 8, Cadott Elementary School principal Terri Goettl sent out email to parents stating a water line had broken and caused flooding in the school.

By the time the broken line had been found, it was too late to cancel school, so parents were urged to pick up their children if they had already been dropped off, or keep them home for the day for an excused absence. Students who weren’t picked up stayed in the gym or dry classrooms with teachers for the day.

“At first we thought the break was frost related and at this point we don’t know if that’s the case, or exactly why it broke,” said Randy Rosburg, interim district administrator. “Over half of the student academic areas were covered with 1-3 inches of water.”

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