Banquet honors student and educator achievement

Six seniors from the Cornell and Lake Holcombe School Districts were recognized for their academic achievements. Selected for honors, left to right, in front, are Orianna Lebal, Luke Geist, Aubrey Meddaugh, Anna Hillebrand, Abby Clark and Brooke Hodowanic. Educators recognized for their contribution to education, in back, are Joni Weinert, Aimee Lebal, Thea Hempel, Melissa Wojcik, Marcus Leland, Kerry Bjorklund and Erica Ruf. Missing, is Sarah McCutcheon. Photo by Julia Wolf
Dorney told the story of his journey to becoming a teacher

By Julia Wolf

“I wasn’t always going to be a teacher,” said Kent Dorney, third-grade teacher at Lake Holcombe Elementary School. “It was not pinned on my radar that I wanted to be in a classroom. I did know that I wanted to work with kids.”

Dorney told the story of his journey to becoming a teacher, at the 24th annual Excellence in Education Recognition Banquet. 

The banquet was held to honor students and teachers from the Cornell and Lake Holcombe school districts April 24, at the Holcombe United Methodist Church. Students were recognized for their academic achievement and each senior chose a teacher for the positive impact they have in their lives.


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